CycliC is a novel step sequencer concept, with six independent subsequences that cycle through a 32-note array, developed as a collaboration between Defective Records Software and Mutable Instruments.

  • 32 steps array, with per-step note, gate length, velocity, and two CC values
  • 6 channels, each of them traversing a subset of the 32 steps - with offset/length/stride control
  • internal or MIDI clock
  • MIDI or VST plugin output (up to 3 plugins)
  • MIDI CC control of almost all parameters, including easy to use MIDI learn feature
  • 20 presets, controllable by mouse or MIDI program change, can be saved to disk
  • event randomization (note value, location, velocity, CC values)
  • note constraint to user selectable scale
  • adjustable GUI size

Download a demo version and buy it here.