This section contains all the information allowing you to build your own Shruthi or hack its firmware.

The Shruthi contains two section: a digital section ("control board" or "digital board"), containing the display, main microcontroller, switches and pots ; and an analog section ("filter board") hosting the VCF, VCA, input mixer and the output stage. Several variants of the filter board are available to provide a broad range of sounds.

Control board

Filter board

Mutable Instruments has stopped publishing any information regarding the use of "vintage" SSM/CEM/IR integrated circuits.

Special editions

To celebrate the launch of new filter boards, limited edition series of kits have been sold.


Here are some files to help you design your own case:

  • Export of the Shruthi-1 control board silkscreen, with parts footprints. To be mirrored!
  • Blueprint with 3D parts placement by nio101
  • A Sketchup export of nio101's 3D model
  • SVG file for the acrylic case.
  • Image of the Paisley pattern engraved by default on the cases.

Licensing information

Schematics and PCBs of the filter boards ; and documentation/analyses are released under a Creative Commons cc-by-sa license. Firmware code is released under a GPL3.0 License. Some of the (now deprecated) filter boards had been released under a cc-by-nc-sa license.

The authors of the patch library are listed at the end of the manual.