Key data


Parameter Value
Width 16HP
Depth 25mm
+12V current 100mA
-12V current 15mA
Lifetime 08/13 to 10/17
Modulargrid Link
Processor STM32F103CBT6 @ 72 MHz

Original printed manual

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Synthesis models

The classics

  • CS-80 style sawtooth with a notch.
  • Continuously variable morphing between triangle, sawtooth, square and pulse, with character control.
  • Square/sawtooth with pulse width control.
  • Triangle to sine morphing, with wavefolder.

Direct digital synthesis

  • Band-limited dual pulse train, with detuning.
  • Dual square or sawtooth oscillator with hard sync.
  • Triple saw, square, triangle or sine.
  • Stack of three ring-modulated sine waves.
  • Swarm of seven sawtooth waves.
  • Comb-filtered sawtooth wave
  • Circuit-bent sawtooth generator with sample rate reduction and bit toggling.
  • Direct synthesis of filtered waveforms, casio CZ style.
  • Low-fi or hi-fi vowel/formant synthesis.
  • Harmonic oscillator.
  • FM with various feedback paths.

Physical and percussive models

  • Plucked string (Karplus Strong).
  • Bowed string.
  • Reed and flute.
  • Bell and metallic drum.
  • 808 bass drum, cymbal noise and snare drum.


  • 256 waveforms, organized as 21 wavetables or as a 16x16 XY map.
  • 4-note chord synthesis.

Noise sources

  • Noise processed by a tuned multimode filter.
  • Noise processed by a dual BP filter.
  • Clocked digital noise.
  • Cloud of sinusoidal grains.
  • Particle synthesis.

Additional settings

These settings are accessible through a menu, and are not CV controllable.

  • Bit-depth (from 4 to 16 bits) and sample rate (from 4kHz to 96kHz).
  • Quantizer on the CV-input with a large selection of scales.
  • Analog VCO-style linear detuning of higher frequencies.
  • Analog VCO-style pitch drifting.
  • Waveform quirks, unique to each module built.
  • Built-in AD envelope, assignable to the oscillator frequency, the COLOR and TIMBRE parameters, and to the amplitude.
  • META mode enabling CV-controlled model selection with the FM input.


  • All inputs: 100k impedance, DC to 4kHz.
  • 12-bit CV capture.
  • 96kHz, 16-bit audio processing (some algorithms are 2x or 4x oversampled).

Revisions and variants


Hardware revision labelled "v5" with the following differences:

  • 2x5 power connector (originally 2x8).
  • Built-in 5V regulator.
  • FINE knob handled in software (originally handled as an offset on the FM signal, not working in META mode as a side-effect)
  • Thonkiconn jacks.
  • Potentiometers have no center detent.