Key data

EQ filter

Parameter Value
Width 18HP (Original: 16HP+4HP expander)
Depth 25mm
+12V current 75mA
-12V current 75mA
Lifetime 01/15 to 04/21
Modulargrid 2015 version, Original

Original printed manual

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The low-shelf, high-shelf, and parametric sections all share the same control ranges and scales:

  • Correction frequency range: 20 Hz to 20kHz.
  • Correction frequency CV scale: 1V/Oct.
  • Cut/boost range: -15dB to 15dB (knob), -40dB to 15dB (CV).
  • Cut/boost CV scale: 3dB/V.
  • Parametric correction Q: 0.5 to 20 (up to 1000 with external CV offset).

The global frequency offset and cut/boost CV inputs affect all sections.


The two parametric sections are realized with state-variable filters with individual BP, HP and LP outputs.


  • Analog, DC-coupled signal path.
  • Input impedance 100k (25k for the global frequency and gain CV inputs).
  • All CV inputs handle audio-rate modulations.

Revisions and variants


Hardware revision labelled "v6" which includes six individual outputs derived from the two parametric sections. Originally, they were available on a separate 4HP expander.