Key data

Quad chiptune audio generator

Parameter Value
Width 20HP
Depth 25mm
+12V current 70mA
-12V current 20mA
Lifetime 08/13 to 10/16
Modulargrid Link
Processor ATXMega32A4U @ 32 MHz

Original printed manual

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3 Square/pulse generators

  • Aliasing-free digital synthesis, based on a 4 MHz digital timer.
  • 5 preset duty cycles settings, from 50% to 95%, or CV-controlled PWM.

1 Noise and triangle generator

  • 48kHz, 12-bit DAC without reconstruction filter for a raw sound.
  • Triangle, bitcrushed sine, steppy NES triangle or various flavours of LSFR noise.

Advanced features

  • Optional semitone quantizer on the pitch CV input.
  • Per-channel mini step sequencer (8 steps) – perfect for creating rapid fire arpeggios. When the sequencer is active, the GATE input works instead as a CLOCK input.


  • Input impedances: 100k.
  • CV acquisition: 4kHz, 12-bit.
  • Channel 1 to 3: 4MHz, 1-bit.
  • Channel 4: 48kHz, 12-bit.

Revisions and variants


Hardware revision labelled "v2" with the following differences:

  • 2x5 power connector (originally 2x8).
  • Built-in 5V regulator.
  • Thonkiconn jacks.
  • Frequency potentiometers have no center detent.
  • Milky, diffused LEDs (originally clear).
  • An octal DAC (originally quad) allows the FM inputs to be acquired separately from the main V/O input, and processed in software. In particular, this allows its repurposing as a PWM input for channels 1-3.