Easter egg

Set the editable scrolling text to 49. The module will enter a special mode in which it outputs, as morse-code, the following excerpt from Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49.

The Scope proved to be a haunt for electronics assembly people from Yoyodyne. The green neon sign outside ingeniously depicted the face of an oscilloscope tube, over which flowed an ever-changing dance of Lissajous figures. Today seemed to be payday, and everyone inside to be drunk already. Glared at all the way, Oedipa and Metzger found a table in back. A wizened bartender wearing shades materialized and Metzger ordered bourbon. Oedipa, checking the bar, grew nervous. There was this je ne sais quoi about the Scope crowd: they all wore glasses and stared at you, silent. Except for a couple-three nearer the door, who were engaged in a nose-picking contest, seeing how far they could flick it across the room. A sudden chorus of whoops and yibbles burst from a kind of juke box at the far end of the room. Everybody quit talking. The bartender tiptoed back, with the drinks. What’s happening? Oedipa whispered. That’s by Stockhausen.

TIMBRE controls the symbol duration, and COLOR adds some background noise.

On early versions of the firmware, this could be inadvertently found by sending a large positive CV on the FM input, while in META mode.