Easter egg

Ouroboros, an additive synthesis oscillator with 6 partials.

Use the chaining cable to link the module to itself.

The first channel sets the fundamental frequency: slider for coarse tuning, pot for fine-tuning. The CV input will track V/O.

For the remaining channels, the slider and CV input set the amplitude of the harmonic, and the pot adjusts its frequency ratio.

Output 1 contains all harmonics mixed and enveloped, outputs 2-6 contain each individual harmonics.

The GATE inputs can be used to "ping" an individual harmonic.

Finally, the segment type buttons cycle through different waveforms:

  • Green: sine
  • Orange: triangle
  • Red: square
  • Green blinking: saw
  • Orange blinking: 25% pulse
  • Red blinking: 10% pulse