Latest version (1.2)

Please read this section of the user manual to learn more about the upgrade procedure.


v1.2 (final)

  • Fixed a crash that could occur with some waveshape settings, when changing the frequency range.
  • Fixed a crash occurring with very large or low FM CV.
  • Improved the reliability of the clock tracking algorithm in extreme cases (very fast or slow clocks).
  • Disabled anti-aliasing on the EOA and EOR outputs when they operate at non-audio rate. With these straighter edges, the threat of mis- or delayed triggering remains minor.
  • When tracking an audio-rate signal on the CLOCK input, the phase of the generated signal matches the phase of the incoming audio signal, not just its frequency. The phase-modulation needed for this alignment is applied very slowly (over a few seconds) to prevent any audibly noticeable change in pitch.
  • Reduced the amount of hysteresis in the quantizer responsible for converting a voltage into frequency ratios (via FM or the V/O input in clocked mode, or via SHIFT/LEVEL in the "different frequencies" output mode). This makes the relationship between a voltage and a specific setting more consistent when controlled by a sequencer.


  • Powering the module on while pressing the output mode button (on the right) enables (or disables) the color-blind mode. The LED brightness and blinking patterns are more contrasted:

    • First option: modulated brightness.
    • Second option: full brightness.
    • Third option: low brightness.


Initial release.