Key data

Dual Bernoulli Gate

Parameter Value
Width 6HP
Depth 25mm
+12V current 10mA
-12V current 1mA
Lifetime 02/15 to 12/21
Modulargrid Link
Processor ATMega88p @ 8 MHz

Original printed manual

PDF download


Liven up your patches

  • Randomly skip steps in a sequence, triggers in a rhythmic pattern.
  • Dispatch rhythmic events to two instruments or sub-patches.
  • A building block for large generative patches.
  • An abrasive digital noise source at audio rates!


  • Gate inputs: 100k impedance, 0.6V threshold.
  • CV inputs: 100k impedance, +/- 5V.
  • Outputs: +5V for the HIGH level.
  • Response time: 15µs.

Revisions and variants

An initial batch of 250 units was made by a dubious CM in the US, only a small fraction of which has been sold. The next batches were made in France at the end of 2014.


Hardware revision labelled "v4" with the following differences:

  • Green PCB (originally black).
  • Thonkiconn jacks.