Key data


Parameter Value
Width 6HP
Depth 25mm
+12V current 15mA
-12V current 15mA
Lifetime 02/15 to 04/20
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Original printed manual

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Useful in every patch

  • Mix audio sources or CVs.
  • Add offsets to CVs, or change their polarity.

A companion for other modules

  • Transpose the output of a sequencer without compromising V/O tracking.
  • Attenuate/invert CVs sent to modules which do not have attenuverters on their CV inputs.
  • Control with a knob parameters of other modules that are only accessible through CV inputs (like Just Friends' RUN or the Dixie's PW).


  • Input impedance: 100k.
  • All inputs DC-coupled.
  • Low-distortion audio op-amps and thin film 0.1% resistors improve transparency in audio mixing applications, and allow exact unitary gains for precision summing of pitch CV signals.
  • Stable and precise voltage reference, independent of power supply fluctuations.

Revisions and variants

An initial batch of 250 units was made by a dubious CM in the US, only a small fraction of which has been sold. The next batches were made in France at the end of 2014.


Hardware revision labelled "v3" with the following differences:

  • Green PCB (originally black).
  • Thonkiconn jacks.