Github repository


Firmware hacking

Edges' source code is available under the GPL licence.

The code (along with the hardware description files) can be found in the edges directory in our Eurorack modules git repository.

After having cloned the repository, don't forget to run git submodule init && git submodule update to make sure the sub-projects referenced in the code are also pulled.


If you don't mind installing Vagrant and VirtualBox a cozy environment for firmware hacking is available.

If you want to set up your own environment to build Edges' code, avr-gcc and avrdude must be installed. These are standard packages on Linux. On OS X, Crosspack can be installed.

The path to the toolchain can be edited in the AVRLIB_TOOLS_PATH variable in avrlibx/ directory. It might also be necessary to change the ISP programmer name in the PROGRAMMER variable.

To build the bootloader, use the following command:

make -f edges/makefile

Firmware programming

Programming must be done with an AVR PDI programmer. PDI is Atmel's upgraded programming standard for the AVR XMega line. Many ISP programmers do not support PDI! A programmer known to work is Atmel's AVR ISP mkII. Note that some older units will require a firmware upgrade to support PDI – unfortunately this upgrade requires the installation of Atmel's AVR Studio to be performed.

The PDI programmer must be connected on the back of the module – red stripe of the cable on the same side as the J20 marking on the connector. To upload the code:

make -f edges/makefile upload