Latest version (1.1)

Firmware update procedure


v1.1 aka "Ringified Elements"

This update adds two new alternative synthesis models for the resonator section. To activate them, set the 8 knobs and 5 attenuverters of Elements' resonator section fully CW (mnemonic: Resonator to the max!), and hold the PLAY button for 5s. The blinking pattern of the PLAY button will indicate which model is active. You can repeat the procedure to cycle through the three models:

  • 1 blink: Original resonator (modal filter bank).
  • 2 blinks: Non-linear string model. The resonator is a comb filter, and GEOMETRY controls the amount of three types of non-linearity in the feedback loop.
  • 3 blinks: Chords. With this model, the resonator is a bank of 6 comb filters, tuned to the different notes of a chord. GEOMETRY selects the chord type.


Initial release. Note: Elements was designed to be a one knob per function, no secret state module. For this reason, this version of the firmware has always been programmed on all modules, even the most recent.