Key data

Multifunction gap-filler (Dual trigger to signal converter on the packaging)

Parameter Value
Width 8HP
Depth 25mm
+12V current 60mA
-12V current 2mA
Lifetime 08/14 to 10/17
Modulargrid Link
Processor STM32F103CBT6 @ 72 MHz

Original printed manual

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Four in one...

ADSR envelope generator

  • Segment durations ranging from 0.2ms to 8s.
  • Quartic attack, exponential decay, exponential release.

LFO and tap-tempo LFO

  • 0.03 Hz to 160 Hz.
  • 5 basic waveforms: square, triangle, sine, stepped, random.
  • Waveform variations and morphing for each of these: PWM, slope, folding/harmonics, step size, interpolation.
  • Phase at reset control.
  • Tap LFO can lock onto irregular rhythms.

Drum synth

  • Channel 1: 808 kick model with extra parameters (tune, punch).
  • Channel 2: 808 snare model with extra parameters (tune, decay).
  • Channel 2: A specific combination of settings transform the snare into a modelled 808 hi-hat.

Control modes

  • Twin: Channel 1&2 share the same parameters but can be triggered independently.
  • Split: Channel 1 is edited by knobs 1&2, channel 2 edited by knobs 3&4, with a simplified 2-parameter control scheme.
  • Expert: Channel 1&2 are completely independent.


  • Inputs: 100k impedance, threshold at 0.6V.
  • 16-bit CV/audio generation with 48kHz sample rate.
  • Output level: 0 to +8V for envelopes, 10Vpp for LFOs and drum signals.

Revisions and variants

An initial batch of 250 units was made by a dubious CM in the US, only a small fraction of which has been sold. The next batches were made in France at the end of 2014.


First batch made in France, labelled "v0.2":

  • Green PCB (originally black).


Hardware revision labelled "v3" with the following differences:

  • Thonkiconn jacks.
  • LEDs with round top (originally flat).
  • Illuminated push-buttons sourced from RunRun (originally E-switch), with a more even illumination.
  • No trimmers in the back, the calibration being now performed in software.