Key data


Parameter Value
Width 18HP
Depth 25mm
+12V current 90mA
-12V current 30mA
Lifetime 03/14 to 06/21
Modulargrid Link
Processor STM32F103CBT6 @ 72 MHz
DAC DAC124S085 (for internal CVs only)

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An analog mixer...

4-channel voltage-controlled mixer based on the V2164 IC.

  • 4 DC-coupled signal inputs.
  • 1 global input, sent to all unconnected inputs, and normalized to a precision voltage reference (+5V or +10V).
  • 4 DC-coupled channel outputs.
  • 1 global mix output, collecting signals from all unpatched outputs, with a -6dB gain.

... under digital control

  • 12-bit digital control of the gains for the 4 VCAs.
  • Up to 20 keyframes, each keyframe storing VCA CVs for each channel.
  • Per-channel easing curve selection: stepped (no interpolation), linear, accelerating, decelerating, sine, bouncy.
  • Per-channel CV/VCA response selection, from linear to logarithmic.


  • CV input impedance: 100k.
  • Audio input impedance: 100k (25k for the global input in some configurations due to normalling).
  • Fastest modulation rate: 15kHz.